Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park; Facts, Attractions, Map + Photos.

Mount Elgon National Park is an enchanting mountain in Uganda with breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, unique accommodation & best trails.

Popular for Sipi falls, Mount Elgon National Park is also known for mountain climbing and bird watching Uganda safaris. Mount Elgon National Park is in eastern Uganda about 5 hours’ drive away from Kampala.

It expands up to 1145 square kilometers and features an extinct volcano-Mount Elgon which also rates among the oldest physical features in Uganda.

Mount Elgon Facts;

Mount Elgon once featured as Africa’s highest mountain exceeding the Kilimanjaro’s current 5895 meters however, due to erosion, it reduced to 4321 meters making it the 4th highest peak in East Africa and 8th in Africa.

Like other parks, Mount Elgon National Park is surrounded by local communities and most importantly, 2 tribes; the Bagisu and Sabiny as well as the marginalized Ndorobos who lived deep in the forest of Benet.

Mount Elgon is 4000sq.kms which makes it the largest volcanic base in the world. It derives its name from Mount Elgon which is at the border with Kenya.

Mount Elgon Flora and Fauna.

It features unique floral and faunal species including over 300 avifaunal species, thick montane forest, mixed bamboo belts, endemic plants like the giant lobelia and groundsels.

Mount Elgon Flora and Fauna

This park also offers refuge to black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, chameleon and the birds to identify include crowned hornbills, black and white casqued hornbills, golden winged and tacazze sunbirds, Ross’s and hartlaub’s Turaco, Jackson’s Francolin, lammergeyer, etc.

Activities to do in Mount Elgon National Park;

Mount Elgon Trekking. 

This is a thrilling adventure that allows you to explore the stunning landscapes of Mount Elgon National Park. The hike takes you through rugged terrains, forests and offers breathtaking views of waterfalls and the impressive caldera before reaching Mount Elgon summit.

Mount Elgon Trekking 

With a moderate level of fitness required, the trek usually takes 3-5 days to complete. Along the way, you can encounter diverse wildlife, including small mammals, primates and birds, and immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of local communities such as the Bagisu and Sabiny tribes.

Prepare for the trek with suitable gear and consider hiring an experienced guide for safety and in-depth knowledge. Mount Elgon trekking provides nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and wildlife lovers with an unforgettable experience in Uganda’s hidden gem.


Bird watching is one thing you need not to miss while on safari in Mount Elgon National Park.

The avifaunal species to identify while on birding safari in this park include crowned hornbills, black and white casqued hornbills, golden winged and tacazze sunbirds, Ross’s and hartlaub’s Turaco, Jackson’s Francolin, lammergeyer, African blue fly catchers, Doherty’s, white chinned prinia, Chubb’s cisticola chin spot batis, luhders bush shrikes, baglafetch weaver to mention but a few.

Hike to Sipi falls

The Sipi falls are found about 66kms away from Mbale, en-route to the Forest Exploration Center and Kapkwata.

Hike to Sipi falls

There is an ancient enormous Stone Age cave painting close to the Budadiri trail head, scenic mountain peaks and hot springs which bubble strongly and gorges among others.


This park features about 9 basic campsites for you to embark on camping experiences. They are strategically located on the trekking routes and camping can be done in designated campsites.

For any need to do camping here, you need to come with your camping gear including tent, sleeping bag, gloves, hat, sturdy hiking shoes, flashlight, rain gear, cooking equipment, food, first aid kit, warm clothes and others.

Day hikes

Day hikes in Mount Elgon National Park can be done in anyone of the 3-day trails at forest exploration center. The trails extend from 3-7 kms and they offer the best experience.

The 4th trail takes you via distinct vegetation zones then to Tutum cave and provides the best sights at varied species including black and white colobus monkeys as well as several bird species.

Best time to visit Mount Elgon National Park;

While Mount Elgon National Park is regarded as all year-round destination, the dry season is perfect for you to explore and experience what this park has to offer.

The dry season in Mount Elgon National Park starts from June to August and December to mid-March. For bird lovers, the wet season is preferably the best time and starts from March to May and October to November.

Where to stay in Mount Elgon National Park?

The accommodation options to spend a night at Mount Elgon National Park include Kapkwata Rest House and the Forest Exploration Center.

Mount Elgon Camping

You may also opt for Mbale Resort Hotel, Sunrise Inn, Mount Elgon Hotel, Country Home or go camping.

Getting to Mount Elgon National Park;

Mount Elgon National Park is in eastern Uganda about 235 kilometers away from Kampala. You can reach this park by road using a good and comfortable 4×4 drive safari car.

Uganda Safaris to Mount Elgon

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