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Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi; Facts, Geography, Lodges and Top 7 Activities.

Lake Bunyonyi is a hidden gem in Uganda, offering tourists a peaceful retreat especially after Gorilla Trekking. A lake Bunyonyi tour is a must include on your travel bucket list while on a Safari to Uganda.

In this guide, we’ll explore the unique attractions and activities, hotels and lodges around and the nature of the lake Bunonyi that make it such a special place to visit.

Location of Lake Bunyonyi;

The lake is situated in the south western part of Uganda between the districts of Kabale and Kisoro bordering Rwanda in the south.

It is situated in the Kabale district, approximately 409,8 kilometers (6-8 hours drive) from Kampala capital city of Uganda. 

The Geography of Lake Bunyonyi.

The depth of Lake Bunyonyi is expected to be between 44m and 900m( if this information is accurate, this would make it one of the deepest lakes in Africa). It also measures about 25KM long and about 7KM wide covering an area of 61 square kilometers.

A lot has been said about the Lake- from how deep it could, its formation and more, but it still stands out as the best destination for anyone looking for a memorable trip while in Uganda.

Lake Bunyonyi Tour;

Lake Bunyonyi continues to attract a number of tourists who are either on their honeymoon, safari or more and this is attributed to how uniqueness the lake offering a perfect serene environment for anyone looking for a place a way from the noise in cities.

Lake Bunyonyi also offers perfect scenic views of its surrounding made of rolling hills, the 29 islands of different shapes and forms and also great scenic views of the Virunga volcanoes. The formation of the lake was brought about by volcanic activities centuries ago.

Initially, there used to be fish in the lake but following a violent shallow mixing which is thought to have been caused by wind, the population of fish eventually reduced to zero in the Lake.

There were also efforts to introduce tilapia and Nile perch in the lake but they couldn’t thrive due to the lake’s depth.

Best Uganda Safari to Lake Bunyonyi.

Our 15 Days Best of Uganda Safari involves the most adventurous tourist activities in Uganda such as gorilla trekking, bird watching, wildlife game drive, chimpanzee trek and city tour.

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Activities to do While on a Lake Bunyonyi Tour;

Your Uganda safari trip is incomplete if you dont get the opportunity to go on a Lake Bunyonyi Tour as there a number of fun packed activities for you to take part in. These activities do include:

1. Canoeing (Canoe Ride).

There’s no better experience than going for a boat canoe while on Lake Bunyonyi. It might be thrilling being on top of what is considered to be Africa’s deepest lake but its extremely rewarding.

Dugout canoes are so common on the lake and you can use one with the help of a guide and you can decide to do a one for a full day or a few hour and get to see so much from the scenic views to sunsets.

There also motorized boats available for anyone willing to go and explore the 29 islands and birding on the lake.

Canoe Riding Uganda

2. Visit the 29 Islands on Lake Bunyonyi.

While on a Lake Bunyonyi tour, you will also be able visit any or all 29 islands found on the lake. These islands were once used to punish young girls who’d get pregnant in the society.

Once a girl was found to be pregnant, she’d be led onto the island and left there to die alone.

The islands hold a strong background to the people in the society and therefore visiting it will not only equip you with the detailed information about this place but also you will get to see other species especially birds that do live here.

3. Birding Safaris (Bird Watching).

There a number of bird species you will be able to find on Lake Bunyonyi and this is also the reason as to why this place is referred to as “a place of a thousand birds”.

Bird species you can look forward to seeing while on the lake include; grey crowned crowns, slender-billed baglafetch, weavers, herons, egrets, cardinal word pecker, levillant cukoo and alot other species.

7-day Uganda birding tour

4. Nature Walks and Hiking.

Another way to fully explore what Lake Bunyonyi holds within her boundaries is going on a guide nature walk which will present you to a number of features that you will observe from the hilltop.

Being ont op of the hills will give you great scenic views of the lake in its real shape, the different islands, bird species and also get the chance to see the clear view of the Virunga volcanoes.

You will also be able to go for a community walk where you will discover how the local society and Bakiga relate and live with each other.

5. Swimming in Lake Bunyonyi.

Known for being a bilharzia-free lake, this has attracted a number of both local and foreign tourists to dive into the waters for relaxation and get to cool off their bodies.

It is very important to note that the lake is one of the deepest lakes in Africa and to swim here, you have to be a good swimmer. There are some hotels near the lake that do have swimming pools too for individuals who’d love to swim.

Swimming in Lake Bunyonyi

6. Bunyonyi Cycling Tours.

While on your Lake Bunyonyi tour, you can as well try out guided bicycle rides around the lake which can either take the whole day or a few hours according to your itinerary. 

This is a rewarding activity that anyone ought to try. Its through riding to the hills that you will also be able to observe great scenic views of what surrounds the Lake.

7. Batwa Cultural Tours

As your trusted travel company, we can arrange for you an immersive cultural experience in various villages, settlements, and enclosed countryside locations, especially those inhabited by the Batwa Pygmy people, who were the original inhabitants of the Bwindi forests.

The Batwa forced to leave their beloved forests in favor of mountain gorillas conservation. Every visit you make to their villages is a direct contribution to their survival as they mainly earn a living through tourism and some farming.

You can take a boat ride to one of the islands where they were settled or opt for a home stay in one of the villages, where you will have the opportunity to learn about their way of life.

You can also visit a local school and market to gain insight into the whole community’s education and economy. This interactive experience will provide a unique perspective on the local culture and way of life.

Batwa Community Bunyonyi

What special about Lake Bunyonyi?

A visit to Lake Bunyonyi is undoubtedly a must include for anyone coming into Uganda to explore what’s within her boundaries.

The lake is popular for its depth which has made it to be listed among the deepest lakes in the Africa. The lake has also featured on Uganda’s bank notes and also got featured in Black Panther- a marvel film.

Over 200 species of birds do live in this place, that is why is called “small birds” (Bunyonyi), this is a birders haven, carry your binoculars and see hundreds of bird species.

The Lake is unique because of its safe waters; free from bilharzia, crocodiles or other life-threatening aquatic species. it is the only place where you will go swimming without having to worry about your life.

It is also home to the 29 islands where you can find punishment island used back in the day to punish girls who’d get pregnant. These would be brought to the island and left alone to die.

Lake Bunyonyi

Lodges and Hotels around lake Bunyonyi.

Lake Bunyonyi hotels are among the most comfortable and affordable accommodation options for any one to choose from while on a Uganda Safaris. These Lake Bunyonyi hotels are grouped into budget, midrange and luxury.

Some of the popular options include; Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort, Birdnest Resort, Hawk’s Eye Lodge Bunyonyi, Bunyonyi Overland Resort, Bunyonyi Safaris Resort, Paradise Eco-Hub, Byoona Amagara Island Retreat and Arcadia Cottages.

Whether you’re coming to Uganda for a business trip or a safaris to check out different wildlife species, Visiting Lake Bunyonyi will reward you with memorable experience and if you’re looking for that one perfect place to go for honey moon, relaxation then with no doubt Bunyonyi is the place to be go.

Most travelers usually visit Lake Bunyonyi after their gorilla trekking safaris in either Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Birdnest Resort

Is lake Bunyonyi the deepest Lake in Africa?

Many have suggested that Lake Bunyonyi is the deepest lake in Africa, However, with an estimated depth of 44m this makes it the second deepest lake after Lake Tanganyika situated in the west of Tanzania.

Bunyonyi is surrounded by lush green vegetation with a conducive weather pattern that makes it a must visit for anyone looking for a place to visit with rewarding activities.

What Animals are found in Lake Bunyonyi?

It is a place with a variety of eco-system but while on a Lake Bunyonyi tour one thing you wont surely miss out to see are the various bird species that live there.

Bunyonyi is home to over 200 bird species. So if you’re planning to visit, be sure to carry binoculars with you to observe clearly these species.

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