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All Uganda Safaris Sustainable Travel & Responsible Tourism.

At All Uganda Safaris Ltd, we believe in Sustainable Travel/tourism and we have a role to play to ensure that the planet is well-preserved for the future generations. As we craft packages, at the back of our minds, traveler, community and wildlife are priorities.

While on any safari, they are the three major stakeholders that often get involved. As a team, we make sure that everything that we do should aid our visitors to travel responsibly.

Striking a balance between people, wildlife and environment is an essential part of any safari. This is what we have always done for several years that we have been in operation. Travel is a precious thing, and presents visitors a lifetime opportunity to explore places they have never been before, meet and interact with locals, discover unique things, etc.


Tourism experience operates in about 3 aspects; visitor interaction, economic value and environmental impact it creates. First, visitor interaction doesn’t only help create friendships and bring you close to nature, but breaks down the stereotypes many have had about certain destinations, people and so on.

Economic part of tourism/travel is that, travel plays a great role to host country –Uganda, Rwanda or any destination. The major foreign exchange earner in most countries is tourism. Other opportunities include job creation, community development and exposure.

While travel is known for its positive impact, it has some negative part of it. This includes pollution, disturbance of locals, depletion of resources, carbon emissions, and others. Being the leading and Sustainable Travel company, All Uganda Safaris Ltd is committed to delivering unique experience with consideration of sustainable principles.

Environmental Responsibility – Key Principles that Guide Us;

  1. Conduct thorough inspection on the car our clients plan to use –ensuring that it is good mechanical state and renders minimal/no carbon emissions.
  2. Reduce wastes and pollution by restricting use of plates, bottles and polyethylene bags.
  3. Visitors are briefed on how they can minimize the overall effect of tourists in the destination including electricity conservation, not to purchase any animal products and more.
  4. Encourage recycle, repair and reuse on safaris and at offices.
  5. Observe all park guidelines to reduce any effects humans on wildlife and their natural habitat while ensuring visitor safety too.

Economic Responsibility.

  • Our staff is comprised of local citizens; we believe this is one way to empower them.
  • We always encourage our visitors to purchase locally-made items, especially the craft items and other gifts in many local stores in the destinations they visit.
  • Support local/community-based tourism.

Social Principles.

  • Respect the local customs, religious values while interacting with local communities.
  • We operate with local citizens; ensuring visitors enjoy authentic experiences while also empowering them.

Sustainable Travel Guidelines to Follow while in Safari Parks/Wildlife Protected Areas.

  • Keep within the established paths and drive at stipulated speed limits. Driving off track may come at a cost, and you only do it if there is an emergency.
  • Always observe your local guide’s instructions, especially when it comes to code-conduct while in the destination.
  • When you come across wildlife, observe them at a distance for instance 7-8 meters for mountain gorillas or chimpanzees.
  • Avoid using flashlight cameras when taking pictures or better still first turn it off.
  • Don’t feed or touch wildlife.

Read about sustainable utilization of wildlife form Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Sustainable Travel Guidelines to Observe at Historical Sites.

  • Leave everything you find at the sites- never be tempted to carry home any rocks/stones/souvenirs of the location. But feel free to take as many pictures as you can.
  • Do not buy items from vendors around the historical sites because many can be tempted to destroy local areas for economic gain.
  • Respect the signage at all times.

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