Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Top 7 Best Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda:

Accommodations/Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park range from mid-range/standard to luxury catering for all high-end travellers and budget travelers located both within and outside of the park.

In addition to providing comfortable lodging, these safari lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park offer immersive experiences amidst the attractions of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Each lodge boasts its own unique charm and amenities, ensuring that guests not only have a restful stay but also have the opportunity to embark on unforgettable safari adventures.

From guided game drives and boat safaris to cultural encounters and nature walks, these lodges go above and beyond to provide guests with enriching experiences that showcase the beauty and diversity of this renowned national park.

Our list of the top seven lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, presents a diverse mix of luxury and midrange accommodations. These choices have been carefully selected based on the preferences of discerning travelers and informed by reviews sourced from various platforms across the internet.

Below are the 7 best safari lodges in Queen Elizabeth overall;

List of Best Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park:

  1. Mweya Safari Lodge.

Mweya safari lodge is one of the largest luxurious accommodations located within the heart of Queen Elizabeth national park best known for its stunning views, Excellent services and delicious foods. Mweya safari lodge rooms feature a balcony view with a sitting area giving you splendid views of wildlife in the jungle while at your balcony.

Mweya Safari Lodge

The lodge also features a fitness center, a bar and a restaurant, a spa, free parking space for its guests and outdoor pool. Enjoy your safari holidays at a luxurious comfort with Mweya Safari Lodge.

  1. Kyambura Gorge Lodges.

Located in Kyambura gorge, also referred to as the valleys of apes, eastern regions of the park with luxurious rooms made out of wood, gravels and are grass thatched immersing your stay there in wilderness. The lodge has stunning views of wildlife, and strategically located to act as a perfect base for game drives and chimpanzee trekking.

Kyambura Gorge Lodges

The rooms feature simple luxurious furniture pieces, bathroom, a parlor, a big bed and a sitting area. The lodge features a restaurant and a bar, an outdoor pool, a spa and ample parking space.

  1. Katara lodge.

Katara lodge is located in the north east on the rift valley escarpment in the park. It is furnished with bamboos, and grass thatched roofs, wooden floors giving it a perfect blend with the wilderness.

The lodge is made up of eight grass thatched, well furnished, equipped and organized bungalows. Due to the small number of guests with in the lodge, services are very effective. The lodge also features a library, restaurant, dining area, a bar and a saltwater outdoor pool. 

  1. Mazike Valley Lodge.

Mazike valley lodge is another luxurious safari lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park located in Kyambura Gorge commonly known as the Valley of Apes in the eastern regions of the park constructed in an African traditional way leaving you with experiences of the ancient safari days.

Mazike valley lodge

The lodge holds 8exclsive grass thatched cottages, well organized and furnished with flashing toilets, built-in bathtubs, water heaters,showers and hand crafted beds.

Mazike valley lodge is featured with a small intimate swimming pool, dining area, private butler services, a bar, Wi-Fi and a laundry room.

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  1. Ishasha Wilderness Camp.

Ishasha wilderness camp is located in the southern regions of Queen Elizabeth national park on the banks of Ishasha river famously known for its magnificent views of tree-climbing lions which you can see resting in the tree branches close to the camp.

Ishasha wilderness camp is one of the quietest areas in the park built with canvas, wood and grass thatched roofs blending it into the surrounding woodlands.

The camp features a comfortable deluxe lodge cottages, a library, a bar,a dining area and a free Wi-Fi. It is characterized with delicious food cuisines from both Uganda and Europe.

The cava tents at the camp are well positioned to give you splendid views of wildlife while at the camp. Spend a night at ishasha wilderness camp for an amazing safari experience.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp

  1. Elephant Plains Lodge.

Elephant plains lodge is one of the newest cottages/lodges in Queen Elizabeth national park located in the northeastern regions of the park sited very high on the escarpment giving visitors stretching views of of wilderness in the park.

The lodge is featured with private cottages, a fully stocked bar and a restaurant, sitting area, an outdoor pool, ample parking space, free Wi-Fi, tight security.

Family cottages at the lodge have two separate bedrooms with enough space to hold 5guests. Cottages are well equipped, fitted with luxurious furniture, and are grass thatched so that they can seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment.

  1. Buffalo Safari Lodge.

Buffalo safari lodge is one of the largest safari deluxe lodges in Queen Elizabeth national park near Kazinga Channel lying on 25 private acres of wilderness. It is surrounded with lush greenery on a serene environment. from the lodge, you catch glimpses of the wildlife in the park at a very close range.

The lodge holds 17rooms of both mid-range/standard and luxurious deluxe cottages making it an ideal choice for big group travelers. Buffalo safari lodge is featured with stocked shops and a bar, a spectacular restaurant, children’s play grounds, gift shops, adult swimming pool, spa, conference or meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, kids swimming pool, board games, tight security, ample parking space, etc.

At buffalo lodges, pets are allowed and they also offer Airport transfer services, kids meals and buffets, kids indoor play areas, housekeeping services and so much more.

Buffalo safari lodge offers deluxe single rooms, deluxe twin rooms, standard double rooms, family cottages and standard single rooms. Buffalo safari lodge is a spectacular home in the wilds, a home far away from home.

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