Uganda Safari Cost

Uganda Safari Cost

Uganda Safari Cost, Top 10 Factors that Influence the Prices:

How much does a Uganda Safari Cost is one question every traveler planning to visit Uganda possess before embarking on the journey. The cost of a Uganda safari is not fixed, as it is influenced by a variety of factors.

There are diverse Uganda Safari Packages, offering experiences ranging from the most popular gorilla trekking safaris to game viewing excursions and cultural encounters. 

This article brings you different components that play a crucial role in determining the overall Uganda safari cost price. Having a deep insight into these factors and more can help you when planning any other African safari.

Key Factors that Influence the Uganda Safari Cost:

Accommodation choice.

The kind of accommodation you choose for a night stay on a safari in Uganda thus impact on the overall cost of any road trip. Hotels, camps, lodges come in varying classes that is budget, midrange and luxury/upmarket. Each accommodation category has its set price which you should take note when choosing where to stay on a Uganda safari.

Someone who opts for a budget accommodation facility is likely to spend lower rate than you who chooses a luxury option. While this influences the Uganda safari cost, each category comes with enormous benefits. A budget accommodation may come with fewer benefits compared to mid-range or luxury where you can have ultimate treat of a luxury vacationist.

Luxurious Suite at Chobe

The cost of accommodation also tends to vary depending on the location, quality, facilities and services provided. If you happen to book your accommodation in a National Park/Game Reserve, higher chances are that the cost may turn out to be slightly higher than the fee in urban areas. This is usually the fact that there are park/conservation fees to be paid for.

The cost for accommodation may vary depending on your meal plan. If you happen take a full-board plan, you are likely to spend more than the person on self-catering cottage. At the end, all these impact on the overall cost of your Uganda safari.

When choosing where to stay on a Uganda safari or any African trip, it is advisable to find a place close to where your safari activities will be enjoyed. See the best safari lodges in Uganda.

Transportation Cost.

Getting to and from your destination is key when it comes to any safari. The cost of transportation does impact on the final Uganda safari cost in many ways. First, different visitors have their own preferred means of transport/vehicles to be used. The available options when it comes to safaris in Uganda are road and air transportation.

A road transportation option requires you to hire a car for you to connect to your dream destination at ease. The choice of car you opt for can impact your overall rate of the trip. A person who books a budget or midrange 4×4 safari car rental is likely to pay less than someone who hires a luxury vehicle.

Uganda safari animals

Additionally, someone who opts for road transportation can pay less than the person on a fly-in safari. What is interesting also is that the cost of road transportation even becomes cheaper, especially when you are on a big group travel. On group tour, you can spread the cost for hiring the car and fuel amongst yourselves.

Unlike group travel, a solo traveler foots the entire cost alone. As you plan to embark on a Uganda safari, take note of the kind of itinerary you opt for and in so doing, you can save some money on transportation.

The Choice of your Safari Package;

There are plenty of safari options for visitors to choose from. Depending on your priority, the kind of trip you choose can affect the overall Uganda safari cost.

Safari trip packages are available from short days right from 1 day to even 30 days + and you can spend less on a short trip compared to someone who takes up the long safari package.

But there are other benefits one can enjoy for instance someone who goes for 30 days safari has multiple activities to enjoy compared to one who goes for just a day. Contact Afrik-Trek Holidays Ltd and combine your ideas and have a remarkable trip package.

The safari activities & their fees

Uganda as a destination has plenty of exciting things for you to enjoy. The kind of experience or activity you want to engage in matters a lot and impacts on the cost of a Uganda safari package.

Some safari experiences like gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park require you to have a valid gorilla permit to be allowed to see a gorilla group. The cost of gorilla permit is USD 800 per person.

Mountain Gorillas in Mgahinga

This means that someone who goes on a gorilla tour can pay slightly higher than someone who opts for normal nature walks, game drive, boat cruise or even chimpanzee tracking. Some experiences are completely unique and priceless for instance gorilla trekking in Uganda.

This kind of experience is offered strictly in Uganda, Rwanda and D.R. Congo. The main focus of gorilla trekking in Uganda is for you to explore more about the rare mountain gorillas right in their natural habitat.

Besides the Uganda safari cost for activities, the cost of your Uganda safari can also be affected by number of activities you include on your trip. The more activities you include the higher the rate but puts you on an added advantage of unearthing the wonders of the country unlike someone who includes fewer activities on his/her trip.

Season – Time of Travel.

When you intend to travel to Uganda for a vacation also matters a lot. Traveling during the peak season or months means you are likely to spend more than someone who visits during the low or off months.

During the peak season, there is high demand for cars, accommodation and other things and the cost for such amenities never falls like it may happen during the off months of the year. During the off months, some accommodation can be forced to cut down on their rates.

The advantage is that during the dry months, better weather conditions are experience and generally ideal for thrilling activities like gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, mountaineering, game drives and others. Get to know the Best Time to Visit Uganda as you dissect the factors that influence the Uganda Safari cost.

Travel Goups.

Traveling as a group significantly impacts the cost of a Uganda Safari compared to individual trips, primarily through shared expenses.

Transport costs, for instance, are markedly reduced as they can be divided among participants, whether it’s for hiring a van for safari drives or chartering a plane for inter-park transfers.

Uganda Group Tours

Accommodation expenses also diminish due to shared room rates, and group discounts often apply for activities and park fees. Additionally, economies of scale come into play when arranging meals and amenities, resulting in lower per-person costs.

Contrarily, solo trips require bearing the entire financial burden individually, which can substantially inflate the overall expenditure.

Therefore, choosing a Uganda group travel approach not only fosters camaraderie but also significantly influences the Uganda Safari cost, making it a more economical adventure for all participants.

Additional Factors;


A safari to Uganda is complete when you have all the essentials. Visas and passports are some of the key travel documents before visiting the destination.

Obtaining a visa or passport comes at a cost. Interestingly, if you are visiting East African member states, you can apply online for the East African tourist visa. This single visa allows you to visit at least 2 destinations (countries) without applying for another visa.

International Flights.

Once you decide spending your next vacation in Uganda, it means you have to budget for your flight too. The charges may differ from one airline to another and this cost is usually not included on the overall cost of your safari.


Tipping is one of the components that are excluded from visitors’ overall Uganda safari cost. It is not a must to tip but you can do it out will and this means you need some extra cash to cater for this.

Tipping is a way of saying thank you to service provider, guides, etc for the good service delivered while on your holiday. There is no standard amount for tipping but one can give USD 10 or more.

Travel Insurance.

Insurance is essential when it comes to safaris to Uganda or any destination. The cost of a travel insurance is entirely incurred by you the guest. When planning your Uganda safari, it shouldn’t be left out.

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