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Uganda Cultural Tours

Uganda Cultural Tours | Best Cultural Experience Safaris in Uganda

Africa is a cultural melting pot with a lot to offer, it is not only abundant in wildlife and nature but also endowed with enchanting cultural heritage. There are well established kingdoms and chiefdoms that have a well-established administrative system. Uganda alone has over 50 tribes each with their unique cultural practices and traditional lifestyle making it a top Africa cultural tour destination. Most visited tribes and cultures in Uganda on a Uganda Safari are the Batwa pygmy tribe, the Karamajongs, and IKs in Karamoja region.

Another interesting country with fascinating culture heritage is Rwanda, the country has three tribes and these are the Tutsi, Hutu and the Twa all these have their own unique way of doing things like traditional songs, dances, traditional craft making skills to mention but a few. Visit the Ibywacu where you will get to learn more about the cultures of Rwanda, the Maasai tribe is the most visited tribe in Kenya and these put on their brightly colored Maasai clothes with beads these are similar to the Karamajongs of northern Uganda, and other famous tribes include the Kikuyu.

Each of the different tribes or cultures in Africa have their own unique way of dressing code, lifestyle, and traditional dances, traditional songs languages, staple food like the Karamajongs enjoy fresh blood got from the cow and they boil it together with milk and sorghum. One can hardly write about all the African cultural norms and behaviors, but a visit can tell more.

Cultural Safaris in Uganda

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