Best Time to See Gorillas

When is the Best Time to See Gorillas in Uganda? Best Month

Uganda is a popular whole round travel destination to any tourist planning to visit. This is due to quite a number of tourist activities that attract visitors from across the globe including gorilla trekking.

Gorilla trekking is a distinctive and thrilling sport that draws visitors to Uganda from all over the world. Two national parks in Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, which are home to the endangered primates, read guide on the best places to see gorillas.

While it is possible to go gorilla trekking at any time of the year, some seasons are considered the best time to see gorillas and are much preferred as we discuss the different seasons and what to expect in terms of weather, hiking for the excursion, prices and how busy it can be.

Ugandan Weather and Climate Conditions;

The temperatures in Uganda stay between 24°C and 30°C with two rainy seasons from March to May and September to October and the dry seasons from June to August and again from December to February.

Read the guide on Ugandan weather and Climate conditions and the data for year round here.

Best Time to See Gorillas in Uganda (Best Season to Trek Gorillas).

The best time to see gorillas in Uganda is during the dry seasons from June to early September and also from December to February. See the guide!

The Dry Season;

June to early September and again from December to February are the peak seasons with conditions most likely to be dry. The skies are clear and the day is sunny making trekking enjoyable. The drier vegetation and les slippery slopes make it easier to hike.

Gorilla permits in these months are highly competitive. So, consider planning at least 3 months ahead if you are going to travel in the peak season.

Accommodation options are also limited in the park with high demand. While these months are usually dry, expect rain at any time of year due to Uganda’s tropical climate.

What to carry and wear during the dry season?

It is important to consider what to wear after understanding the best time to see gorillas in Uganda. Sometimes, intending trackers get confused on what to wear or what to carry for Uganda gorilla trekking excursion.

Tracking the endangered mountain gorillas through the impenetrable Bwindi forest, hiking to areas of higher altitudes and long distances mean you have to be prepared for this activity with the right or recommended gear such as;

A pair of strong rainproof hiking boots, long trousers, a pair of long socks, long sleeved, strong gardening gloves, rain jacket or poncho just in case, a hat with a brim, rainproof daypack and a walking stick.

Best Time to See Gorillas

Gorilla Trekking Experience during Dry Season;

Expect smooth trekking experience with less slippery trails, clear view of the forest, frequent movement of the mountain gorillas, higher gorilla permit demand, high demand for lodges and encounter of various travelers along the way and in the park.

A mixture of all these together with tropical sunshine, make the dry season the best time to see gorillas in Uganda.

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The Rainy Season;

March to May and September to October are the low seasons. The rainy seasons can make trekking more challenging and uncomfortable. Rains are usually heavy although you can still enjoy sunny spells with clear skies.

Why Go on a Gorilla Safari during Rainy Season?

Best time to save on a Gorilla Safari.

Accommodation prices usually go low during this period and permits are easily accessible, this makes it the best time see gorillas in Uganda for budget travelers.

Best season to see gorillas

Best time for bird watching – Expect migratory birds and butterflies.

During this time, plants have sprouted; the vegetation is literary lush and green. There is plenty of wild game to be seen on the plains.

Avid birders may want to trip out when many migratory birds have arrived and butterflies are sighted everywhere. This is the best time to see gorillas for birders.

What to wear during gorilla trekking in a rainy season?

Gorilla trekking during the rainy season can pose certain challenges that may not be present in the dry season, and it is important to have the proper equipment to ensure a comfortable and safe experience.

It is recommended that you dress appropriately, carry or wear waterproof jackets and pants, sturdy hiking shoes with good grip, a hiking stick, long-sleeved shirts, gloves, and a hat to protect you from insects.

When choosing your attire, it is advisable to opt for earthy colors like khaki, green, or brown, as bright colors may disturb the mountain gorillas and cause disruption to their peace.

Gorilla trekking experience during rainy season.

It is much easier to find gorillas while trekking during rainy seasons because food is abundant and close to them. These apes don’t have to delve deeper in to the forest to find food.

However this does not guarantee that you must find them close during the rainy season. At times you will have to walk through the slippery, rugged forest trails and hike to find a family to track.

In conclusion, although the best time to see gorillas in Uganda is generally determined by season, other factors make different seasons the best time to see gorillas for different travelers.

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