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Uganda Safaris from Dubai

Best Uganda Safaris from Dubai 2023/4 - All Uganda Safaris

Ever wanted to start Uganda Safaris from Dubai? Well, this guide explains how and why Uganda Safaris from Dubai are popular among travelers. With direct flights to about 260 destinations worldwide and welcoming over 100 airlines, Dubai International Airport DXB is an idealistic start point for Safaris in Uganda.

Why Visit Uganda?

If you’re coming for a Uganda Safari from Dubai you will definitely be stunned by a number of amazing activities like Uganda gorilla Safaris, birding safaris, cultural tours, physical features and alot more to engage in that you will find in the “Pearl of Africa.”

With its lush green landscapes, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural heritage, Uganda has become a popular destination for travelers seeking adventure and unique experiences. One of the main attractions is undoubtedly the opportunity to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat in Bwindi or Mgahinga.

Uganda safari animals

Other notable attractions include Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls, both offering game drives and boat safaris. Uganda also has a vibrant cultural scene, with many, you can also visit the source of the Nile River in Jinja, go white-water rafting, the warm and friendly people of Uganda make up a memorable experience. Plan a Uganda Safaris from Dubai and discover what this beautiful country has to offer!

Whether you are coming from Europe, Asia or Americas, Uganda Safaris from Dubai will serve you right as the destination Uganda is self sufficient and Dubai DXB is an airport with the most direct flights.

How to Access Uganda from Dubai?

Dubai to Uganda distance by flight is approximately 3,612 kms (2,244 Miles), a direct flight from Dubai to Uganda can takes about 5.6 hours.

Uganda is one of the many African countries developing at a faster pace thus many airlines from various parts of the world are now flying into the country to do different activities (business or Safaris). One of the cities from which flights connect to Uganda is Dubai.

If you’re looking at coming for a Uganda Safaris from Dubai, there flights like Emirates Airlines and fly Dubai which have direct flights to Entebbe international Airport.

Upon getting into the country, you will discover so much within that will leave yearning to visit the country over and over. You may also need to know where Uganda is located.

What to expect while on a Uganda safaris from Dubai?

Your African safari to is incomplete if you don’t get the opportunity to visit Uganda to see what’s within her boundaries from the popular mountain gorillas, tree climbing lions, chimpanzees, lakes, mountains and more.

While on a Uganda safaris, look forward to meeting people from different cultures that live within the country and that is the Karamajong, Baganda, Basoga, Banyankole, Bagisu, Batwa among others.

While in such communities, you will get to see how they live their lives, relate with each other and also get a chance to eat locally prepared dishes. Its a whole new exciting experience that you definitely have to check out.

You can also look forward to going for a Uganda primate safaris where you will be able to see the many primate species that reside within Uganda’s boundaries.

Uganda Birding Safaris

These can see at either Kibale National Park, Budongo forest in Murchison Falls National Park, Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth National, Ngamba Island chimpanzee Sanctuary situated in Entebbe and more other places.

You can as well visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga where you will be able to see mountain gorillas as they roam in the park.

If you’re looking at visiting oustanding tourist sites, then Murchison falls are a must include onto your trip. Being on top of the falls and seeing the Nile river force its way through a gorge is a memorable experience you deserve.

You can as well consider visiting the only snow caped mountain in Uganda and that’s Mountain Rwenzori. Being on top will give you a Switzerland-like feeling right in Uganda but to hike to the top of this mountain, you will need to be physically fit.

A boat cruise on Kazinga channel in Queen or River Nile in Murchison Falls National Park is absolutely one other activity that you can consider doing as this will introduce you to species like the hippos, crocodiles, different water birds and alot more.

Uganda Safaris from Dubai can as well accommodate travelers who’re interested in doing Uganda birding safaris. This is the easiest activity that can be done in Uganda and there various spots where you can carry out birding.

Best Uganda Safari Packages from Dubai;

3 Days Luxury Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

The 3 Days Gorilla Trekking Bwindi Tour provides the best wildlife encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, one of their natural habitats…

Launch cruise at Queen Elizabeth National Park

The 5 Days Uganda Gorilla and Wildlife Safari takes you through a lifetime gorilla trekking experience in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, 2 game drives and a boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth…

7 Days Luxury Uganda Wildlife Safari

7 Days Luxury Safari Uganda is an ultimate wildlife and gorilla safari experience for travelers who prefer the highest level of service & attention to detail. We cruise in high-end private…

The cost of Uganda Safaris from Dubai;

The cost of Uganda safaris and tours is determined by a number of factors and these include; the number of days while on a safari, the type of accommodations facilities used on Uganda safaris from Dubai (Luxury, mid-range, budget), the activities you’re to engage in, the number of people (from sole safaris to group families), etc. 

Regardless of whether you’re coming for a luxury Uganda safaris, budget Uganda safaris, we assure you the best experience of All African Safaris you ever experienced.

The Cost of Uganda Safari Packages;

The cost of a 3 day Uganda gorilla trekking safari is USD $1,290 – $2,200 per person depending on the group size, that is exclusive of the Visa fees and air ticket from and back to Dubai.

Another 3 day Uganda wildlife safari that involves game drive and boat cruise cost somewhere between $500 to $900 depending on the park, activities and lodging options.

On average, an all-inclusive Uganda safari costs $150 to $600 per day depending on factors shared above.

The Cost of Flights from Dubai to Uganda;

Using flight markets and booking such as Sky Scanner, Expedia or Cheap Flights, the cheapest Dubai to Uganda flights start from USD $390 (Return Ticket)

Search Dubai to Uganda Flights;


Cost of Tourist Visa in Uganda;

To explore what Uganda has to offer you will need to apply for a tourism that’s made available or got from the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control of Uganda (DCICU) and its issued to tourists coming into the country specifically for tourism and can be got at only $50 dollars.

You will need to couple the fees with the following documents which include; copy of passport copy with validity of at least up to 6 months, travel itinerary, tour plan, vaccination certificate (yellow fever), hotel booking and recent passport size photo.

With the above requirements provided, you will be assured of a tourism visa to the pearl of Africa where you will explore a lot from wildlife species to physical features and the culture plus a lot more that will leave you amazed.

If you want to visit Uganda together with other East African countries, you need to acquire the East African Tourist Visa. Read this guide on how to acquire the East African Tourist Visa.

Luxury Uganda Safari

What is the best time to go on Uganda Safaris from Dubai?

Uganda is among the recent recommended destinations recommended by CNN and what makes it stand out, are a number of features and wildlife species you can find in this country.

However, to have the best experience there is the best time one has to come and explore the country and this is during the dry season of the year. This does take place during the months of June to August and December to February.

This is so because the country is receiving less or no rainfall at all that might hinder your Uganda safaris Itinerary. Its also during this time that most roads within National Parks are drier and less slippery which eases movement.

During the wet season, Most parts of Uganda receive a lot of rainfall and this is during the months of March to May and October to Early December. Its during this time that majority of the roads in game parks are impassable and slippery which hinders movement.

Also as its raining, it might stop you from doing your much desired activity especially for Uganda gorilla safaris, game drives and more. However, its during this time that you’re most likely to enjoy discounts from a number of accommodation options and others hence also worth considering.

Read the best time see gorillas in Uganda.

Whether you are coming during the dry or wet season, we guarantee you one of the best experiences.

Uganda safaris from Dubai are arguably the best to consider if you’re looking for that once in a lifetime opportunity to explore new places around the world especially because of so much that they present to you including rare wildlife species that cant be seen anywhere else like the mountain gorillas (half of the world’s population is found in Uganda and that’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park).

Uganda Safaris from Dubai

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