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Long Term Car Hire Uganda

Long Term Car Hire Uganda

Why Choose a Long Term Car Hire Uganda for your Safari?

With long term car hire in Uganda, you rent a car for over a month. They are the best way to explore and experience different parts of Uganda while on safari holiday.

Long term car hire Uganda services are a perfect solution for you to get to your dream destination on a Uganda safari in a classic car without necessarily buying it.

Incredibly, for those of you who have plans to embark on a family safari in the pearl of Africa or long trip personally, business or even research program, our classic and comfortable long term car hire Uganda are readily available for you.

We have a wide range of rental cars suited for every kind of safari need including Toyota Land Cruiser Box Model which comes in automatic transmission, FM radio, CD player, frond fog lamp among others, 4×4 Toyota Rav4-one of the best SUV car hire as well as roof tent land cruiser V8/VX, Toyota land cruiser TX, Prado Land Cruiser which are perfect for game safaris in Uganda’s pristine savanna parks like Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Safari Landcruiser (7-Seater)

Some of the Reasons Why you Need to Choose a Long Term Car Hire Uganda for your Safari Holiday;

Cost Effectiveness

Renting a car for long term is more affordable than purchasing your own and the expenses are also minimized. What you will require is to fuel the car depending on how long your journey will cover and issues to do with insurances, car service or driver aren’t for you.

On the other hand, you have a chance to enjoy other benefits like discounts the fact that you rent it for long. 


Hiring a car for long term usage allows you to get to your dream destinations comfortably. No one needs discomfort on a Uganda safari or Africa safari that is why we get you what fits your travel needs.

Compared to public means, long term car hire Uganda is a perfect choice for you to get to any remotest destination in Uganda on a safari without any worries of congestion.


Enjoy your Uganda road trip with our classic rental cars for long term at your convenience. Our long term car hire Uganda is convenient in that you find a car of your choice readily available at the time you need it and you get to a destination of your choice which is not the case with public means.

Because it is long term contract, the car partially becomes yours.

No Need to Worry about Mileage

Embarking on a long Uganda safari tour is perfect while in a long-term car hire. Hiring a car for period of your tour in Uganda saves from mileage that you may have to put if it was your own car and also reduces cases of wear and tear.

Toyota TX

You Know and can Plan Appropriately your Costs.

For any need to hire a car for long term, we are the best car rental agency in Uganda to deal with. We provide the best car hire services which also include ultimate package of services that are tailored to suit your travel needs. We quote your package with honesty and also cover options you make request on.

In case the contract ends and still you need to continue with the same car, simply get back to our reservation team and we have your travel needs met. You can reach us online or call direct and we shall be of help to you.

In summary, choose our long term car hire Uganda and have your business trip or safari needs meet. Get in touch with our reservation team and we shall have your dreams met.

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