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Is Uganda Safe for A Safari

Is Uganda Safe

Is Uganda Safe to Visit? Uganda Travel Safety Tips 2023

Tourists especially solo female travelers are so much concerned about their safety on a Uganda safari and they always ask, is Uganda Safe to visit? Read our article about Tourists safety in Uganda!

Well, Uganda is generally safe for tourists from all kinds of life and it is also safe to live in. You can visit Uganda and enjoy your holiday peacefully although, you should take precautions especially against covid-19.

Unless it is necessary, always use a reputable local tour operator when exploring Uganda to avoid opportunists, tourists scammers and any healthy related disasters that may breakout.

Whereas Uganda has had a dark history, it still features among the few safest countries in Africa. It is a stable state and Ugandans are warm welcoming! Ugandans are generally hospitable, upon visitor arrival, you definitely get that warm welcome or anywhere you pay a visit to.

Are Uganda Safari Parks Safe for a safari?

The Uganda safari parks and other popular destinations are concentrated in western Uganda and partially in the North (East). But the most significant side of it is that they are all safe for a safari. The protected areas (all national parks and wildlife reserves) are under protection of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) rangers.

Armed park rangers in Uganda
Armed park rangers posing with a female tourist in Bwindi forests, Uganda

The tourism sector plays a significant role to country’s economy and there is tourism police force to ensure visitor safety while on Uganda safari holiday.

Uganda is a magical safari destination with 10 national parks. These include Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Semuliki National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Mount Elgon National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Kibale Forest National Park.

Security in these conservation areas has been boosted by well-trained park rangers who also work together with other security agencies.

Is Kampala City Safe to Visit?

Kampala which is the capital city of Uganda is also very safe to visit. Over 99% of the visitors on Uganda safari come and depart the country safely. However, it is essential to read through the different newspapers to get to know more about any safety problems.

Like other cities or developed towns, the petty cases that are usually registered in Kampala include theft, credit car scamming, over charging but all these can be avoided by dealing with the right tour operator. Moving at night to some people is enjoyable but it is not safe when you are in a new destination like Kampala.

Avoid walking alone at night while in Kampala capital city. Always keep safe your valuables and where possible, leave them back at home/hotel facility you spent a night.

Is Uganda Safe for Female Tourists?

Generally, Ugandans are respectful of women and targeted cases like raping are significantly low in Uganda. Although, no reported case targeting female tourists for a long time, it does not guarantee female travelers to neglect precautions.

Uganda safari photos

We advise female tourists on a Uganda safari to use the registered Uganda tour operators/guides, avoid moving at night without companions (except if it is unavoidable), not to show personal belonging such as phones, jewelry or money in public and to also avoid deserted areas.

Safety in Accommodation

The accommodation facilities (including lodges, guesthouses, hotels, back packers) are well protected by well-trained security personnel. As you head to the banks, bars, restaurants, shops, they also have security personnel. All these are intended to ensure safety of visitors while on safari in Uganda.

The travel restrictions and advisory in Uganda

On 1st October, 2020, H.E. Y.K Museveni officially announced re-opening of commercial flights at Entebbe International Airport and all the border areas. Domestic travel ban in Uganda was lifted in August but there are strict measures to be observed.

Some of the measures travelers should observe include sanitizing, temperature screening, maintaining a distance of 2-4m from each other, wearing face masks, tourists plus other business travelers must provide negative PCR Covid-19 test results conducted 72 hours prior arrival into Uganda.

3 Basic Travel Tips:

Be Aware of Local Safety Issues.

In a wake of pandemics, it is advisable to be well informed on the situation of the area you wish to visit, else, use a tour guide. If you do decide to visit Uganda, make sure you take precautions against crime and other dangers. You should also avoid areas you are green about.

Don’t Leave Anything Behind.

Make sure you leave nothing behind when you travel. This includes documentations e.g. passport, valuables, money, and anything else you might need later.

Know Where You’re Going.

If you do decide to visit Uganda, make sure you know the destinations/parks you’re going to visit before you go there. It’s not safe to just wander around an unfamiliar places.

Bonus Tip: Always respect the cultural norms of the places you visit. You might find some being primitive but, if that is the general consensus of the area, do not dare undermine it, DON’T!

Hope the description about have addressed your concern whether is Uganda safe to travel.



  1. Titus Dhikus

    Truly, Uganda is the safest country to safari into. Uganda has the most friendly people with favorable weather conditions.

  2. Luken Ashr

    This shouldn’t be a question anymore. Uganda is among the top 10 safest travel destinations in the whole world. Everyone should not let death find them before visiting Uganda especially for gorilla trekking. Uganda is safe for travelers.

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